World Kidney Day

Today marks 1 week until World Kidney Day.
World Kidney Day on Thursday 9 th March 2023…24 hours just like any other day.
Yet it’s a day when people living with kidney disease and their carers, must be prepared for unexpected events. We are a vulnerable group yet, with help, we manage challenges which come our way.
The NI Kidney Patients’ Association is sharing balloons across all renal units in NI.
Why a balloon?
A balloon can symbolise hope, a chance to celebrate a small achievement, release of a
prayer, sending loving thoughts for those who support you at home or in hospital.
You may choose to inflate and release your balloon OR
If you don’t wish to release the balloon into the environment, inflate it and tie it indoors or outside.
Please tag us in your social media posts (without or without a balloon), raising awareness of kidney disease
on World Kidney day!
Alternatively you can send NIKPA a photo to:
#worldkidneyday #kidneysmatter #NIKPA