Who we are at NIKPA
and how we can help you

The Northern Ireland Kidney Patients Association

Northern Ireland Kidney Patients’ Association (NIKPA) provides Support and a Voice for anyone impacted by Kidney issues’ and Promotes organ donation.

How we work?

NIKPA is run by dialysis patients and kidney transplanted patients, their families and friends and is entirely voluntary with all funds raised staying in Northern Ireland to benefit the Renal Patients of Northern Ireland. 

Our Committee

We very much welcome any new additions to our Committee which provides an opportunity to support fellow dialysis and transplant patients and their families. We currently meet virtually once a month to discuss Charity related matters. 

Our Members

We currently have over 500 members from around the 7 dialysis units of Northern Ireland.  Membership include dialysis, transplant patients, families and carers, donor families, live kidney donors, altruistic kidney donors and renal medical staff (doctors, nurses, renal surgeons).

The History behind the NIKPA Logo

NIKPA was formed in 1993 by Michael Logue, Rodney Curry and Alan Martin who were haemodialysis patients at the Belfast City Hospital Renal Unit.

They wanted to form an organisation which would give support and a voice to fellow dialysis patients in developing and improving the renal services in Northern Ireland.

The first NIKPA logo adopted was a red shield with NIKPA across it and the Latin below it “ET NUNC VIVIO” meaning “AND NOW, WE LIVE”

The shield logo symbolised that NIKPA were there to protect and support the interests of the renal patients.

The logo was maintained until 2009 when it was decided to change the logo to reflect that NIKPA had also now become an organisation promoting and endorsing Organ Donation.

An open competition was held in which all members were invited to submit a vision of what the NIKPA logo should be.

The logo adopted is the current Blue and Red Butterfly submitted by dialysis and transplanted patient William Johnston.

William explains the rationale behind the Butterfly:

“I began by looking at the former shield logo and discovered that by putting two overlapping shields together, these looked like the wings of a butterfly.  The idea of the new butterfly logo took off from there.  I had an old Blue and Red Organ Donation card on my desk and it was this which inspired the Blue and Red colours so that it looked like the Butterfly had been cut out of the Organ Donation card and therefore promoting Organ Donation.

The Butterfly logo also symbolises New Life, Freedom and Transformation from dialysis patient to transplanted patient in which the patient has an opportunity to spread their wings and show the world their true colours.

The small Red Kidney in the lower left wing lobe signifies that NIKPA will always foremost be a renal charity advocating for kidney patients across Northern Ireland.”

Our Badges


Shortly after the creation of the new NIKPA Logo, the first NIKPA Blue and Red Butterfly Badge was produced. This is the Charity’s generic badge and can be worn by anyone wishing to support NIKPA. It has been used at numerous Weddings in lieu of wedding favours raising much appreciated funds for NIKPA.


This was created to acknowledge those people who have done something special or significant for NIKPA such as organising events, fundraising or going above and beyond to support the renal patients of Northern Ireland.


In 2007, the Live Donor Programme in Northern Ireland started to develop rapidly under the leadership of Dr Aisling Courtney.
The NIKPA Committee felt that the courage and compassion of the Live Donor needed to be acknowledged and therefore the NIKPA GOLDEN LIVE DONOR BUTTERFLY was created. This is NIKPA’s way of thanking the Live Donor for Giving the Gift of Life, the Gift of Love. The badge is given to the Live Donor after the operation. Only Live Donors can wear a NIKPA Golden Butterfly.


This was created to acknowledge that Transplant Patients overcome many challenges during their lives and many are rightfully proud to have over-come these challenges. The NIKPA PURPLE AND GOLD BADGE provides an opportunity to display this pride but also an opportunity to honour and remember their donor and donor family. The Purple is the same colour as the Irish Kidney Association logo “The Forget Me Not“ Flower and the Gold symbolises the Donor. No transplant recipient will ever forget the generosity and courage of their donor to give The Gift of Life


This was created to acknowledge and thank all the renal staff throughout Northern Ireland for their bravery, commitment and compassion during the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020. These badges were delivered to each of the seven renal units and home therapies unit during Organ Donation Week in September 2020 by NIKPA Committee members at the Renal Units they attend as patients. They were also presented to every member of renal staff including renal auxiliary staff, porters, catering staff, cleaners, administration, nurses, consultants and surgeons. A total of over 800 badges were distributed. All the renal staff put their own lives at risk during the COVID 19 pandemic so that dialysis patients could continue to receive their life saving treatment.