Dr Ciaran Doherty
Honorary President NIKPA

Many individuals, motivated by personal experience of kidney disease, have sought to help others similarly affected. In Northern Ireland this led to the inception in 1992 of the Northern Ireland Kidney Patients Association (NIKPA), an organisation which has progressively increased its influence, membership numbers and ability to be a key support for those affected by chronic kidney disease.

During the past three decades, the NIKPA has brought MLAs, transplant surgeons, senior nurses and research fellows to address the annual general meeting, it has extended its reach to all areas of northern Ireland, and it has met with political groups from the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Department of Health, and other important bodies concerned with Kidney Disease. The Association has also established supportive working relationships with sister organisations including the Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund, the Irish Kidney Association and the National Kidney Federation. The annual “Big day out” organised by the Association reflects its inclusive nature and highlights the fundraising efforts of many diverse groups and individuals. This vitality and teamwork is reflected in in the colourful and attractive Association newsletters.

It is a privilege to be associated with an organisation which provides vital information and support to patients and their families, facilitates patient involvement in the provision and development of the Northern Ireland Renal service, and enhances doctor/patient communication to ensure this is an effective relationship.

Ciaran Doherty

Consultant Nephrologist, Honorary President NIKPA